Monday, March 31, 2014

Sin City Stamps - Design Team Post - ComposiMold - Making my Home Made Gelli Plate

Hi All Lisa Here…  Back from our AC trip and feeling very relaxed.  We stayed at Revel used a Groupon and got an amazing night of $79.00 a night.  The hotel is just beautiful.

We went to the We The Kings Concerts and they put on a great show.

We got to see The New Royalty  


Some great Meet & Greets.   

As promised here's my step by step on ComposiMold

I made some tags and did a page in my Documented Life Art Journal below are some step by step photos.  And I did a video.   ** please note I suck at talking while i'm creating LOL).

Poured after heating into a 5x7 photo case.  I let it cool overnight.

After I pulled it out I put it on top of the box which I'll also use as storage

I didn't have the brayer with me - so just so you know that you can also use (sorta) a hotel key card.

If your use a gelli print in your journal - make sure you only used 1 page and not the entire book - the print image is much better.

Use anything that can add textures - Stencils, Tools, Paper Towel Roll - stamps.

Just love the colors…  Orange is my new favorite color.

Tutorial Video is here.

Hope you enjoy would love comments.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

WildHeart Art`"Fly With Your Creative Muse"- Sin City Stamps Design Team Project featuring ComposiMold

"Fly With Your Creative Muse"

Yes ...we all have that sweet little creative muse within us that whispers to us when we are playing with our imagination "out loud" on the paper in front of us. It isn't necessarily what we see... but what we feel when we look at something. I started this project without a "plan" and just relied on my "creative muse" as I went along. Remember those "ink blots" where we would interpret  the ink blot and share what we had seen on the page.. well, this is the same idea and I love the way this project evolved! 

Gelli Plate
ComposiMold Masks ( previous blog post)
Asst. acrylic paints
White copy paper
Brayer ( to spread the paint around)
Gel Medium Matte
 Asst.TomBow Markers
Black Pitt Pen

I started by using my Gelli plate to create the background but with one twist... I took the ComposiMold masks ( above) I had made for the  last DT blog post, and applied them on the plate. It then blocks the paint from attaching to the paper therefore creating a  "mask". I also applied the rubber stamp " Love of Butterflies" by SinCity Stamps.

Apply acrylic paint onto the Gelli Plate and spread with the brayer. Lay the ComposiMold  mask on top of the paint to create a "mask" or empty space with that shape on the paper.

Above is the print I created and then spent some time looking at it before I "felt" what I thought was there on the page waiting to come through. I then used another background to complete my "vision".

 Small butterfly stamps where randomly stamped with purple ink to create a bit of texture also.

 What I felt or saw in that white space that was created by the ComposiMold mask was a beautiful bird with some fancy feathers!
I cut long oval shaped feathers from the other sheet of background paper  I created and glued in place to create long flowing feathers.
  I then used my TomBow markers to create shadows ,highlights and to outline the shapes. Along with some deep yellow for the beak and the feet.

  The bottom "masked space" I turned into a free form flower using the TomBow's to color in the flower and added some stamens with the Pitt Pen. I finihsed off the whole print with the matte medium gel and it gave a nice finish to the page.
I love when an artistic creation is made by what one feels or sees when  our imagination is used and we are guided by our creative muse! And having that fun heart shaped spot that appeared on the print put a smile on my face! Let your creative muse "fly" and Enjoy!
~In Love and Faith~
Check out the websites below for the products I used for this project

Friday, March 28, 2014

Composimold Embellishments with Sin City Stamps Cont.

Hello! Peggy here to show you how I made this one of a kind card and my favorite stamps. 
Items I used today are:
Polymer Clay
Black cardstock (base of card)
Corrugated paper
Golden Molding Paste
Black and Gold acrylic paint
Perfect Pearls 
Hemp Cord

A couple of weeks ago I showed how to use your stamps with composimold to create your own embellishments.  Here I am to show you what I did with one of the embellishments made. This particular 
stamp can be found here: Steampunk'd. I created a mold out of my balloon stamp from the Steampunk'd line from Sin City Stamps. I pressed my polymer clay into the mold and created a balloon embellishment that I painted with black acrylic paint and let dry. I made a second pass with some gold acrylic paint with my fingers along the top just to catch all the details. I used some black gloss paint for the center hands of my clock.
I created a background with my corrugated card and used molding paste and stencils for texture. I colored my background with perfect pearls. I then created a sentiment with perfect pearls to color.
Easy as that! I love than I can create embellishments with my stamps, it opens up a whole new world!
I hope you enjoyed my card and don't forget to get your own stamps, chipboard and much more from Sin City Stamps!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sin City Stamps - Design Team Blog Post - Documented Life Challenge

HI All..   Sin City Stamp Design Team Member
Lisa Mita hère…   You can find my personal blog here.

So our challenge for March was to use ComposiMold

This was pretty cool stuff to use…  I really avoided it all month it was super scary.

But this month I happen to start working on a new project for me.   Documented Life Challenge.

I worked on putting my journal together - and I used the ComposiMold within parts of the Journal.

On the cover of the Art Journal I actually used it as a texture… I heated up the container

I used a dropper and put some drops on the journal cover to make the poppies jump out

See below how I heat it up and then added the red paint to it while it was still warm. 
It jumps off the page.

I also used from Sin City Stamps

Bird DieCut from the Nesting Bird Trio Die Cuts

below will have a supply list.

Here's some additional photos from my journal.

Another thing I did with the ComposiMold.   Didn't take a photo of this process….
I used a Prima Wood Piece with a bird on a stick with what I see poppy flowers..
I sprayed the wood with mold release -
Put a double side sticky tape piece and stuck it to the bottom of a small bowl.
I then poured the mixed into the bowl…   I did it about 1 1/2 " deep..
This gave me 2 things…
After it dried - on the bottom - I was able to pull out the Wood Die and have my mold so I can put the
Paper Clay (White).

Now on the other side it was a perfect mini square - about 5x7…  Since this is close to my art journal I wanted my own gelli plate this size.   Here's my issue I wanted to take a photo of this because I left to go to Atlantic City with my daughter - and didn't get the photo before I left…

You can see able how I left a lot of the white clay showing.  I painted the bird with Black Gesso
And painted the flowers the same red & green I was doing on the poppy's on the branch.

The detail was great…  and now I have the mold to do many more.

Going to keep this piece just how it is… I have a mini jelly plate - and a bird mold.

Below are some photos from the Journal Book...

Just did some drawing - and with market did highlights - used washi tape and some numbers stickers.

Pulled in some rub ons as well… and added the calendar on the left with washi tape.

Here's one that I added a fold out page.  

The above and below is from this week…  The Sunday ends with our AC trip..  Shows my notes from work and my watercolor.   The base of the page on the right above the base of the page is from the jelly page 5x7….  i then doodle on top of that.

Here's the above same page…   but the piece is folded.   And I just love the background from the Jelly Plate…   Mixed 3 different yellow and Greens… came out great.

Heres another one above that I used the 5x7 jelly plate I made and then had base colors going… and then did stamping above it once it was Dry…

Side view of the art journal - I added the months with tabs.

So i took something I was totally fearful of trying… and pulled it into my Documented Life Journal.  So far very excited and happy…

I hope you enjoyed..

Once I get home and can take the photos I miss and add them into the mix above so You can see my jelly plate.  Tried to pull this together when I was feeling creatively blocked - and scared to used something new at the same time was not fun - while packing for our mini-vaca trip with my 15 year old daughter.

Thank you for coming and reading..

Hope you join in on Documented Life...

Monday, March 24, 2014


Hey there!  It’s Robin Redd, back with you to show you my second project with Sin City Stamps and Composimold.  I have to tell you, I’ve been having fun playing with my gel plate that I made with Composimold for my previous post.  I have even melted it again and made a new gel plate in a different size!  That’s another thing that makes Composimold so desirable!  If I happen to cut into my plate or gouge it with a sharp edge, all I have to do is make a new one with the same product.  Within MINUTES, a new plate will be ready to go!

Today I made some more collage papers using a lot of pretty colors from Art Anthology 
and some of my fun stencils I have.

Here’s a pretty feather stencil from Julie Balzer and The Crafter’s Workshop.

Look at this pretty Cotton Candy Dimensional Paint from Art Anthology!

Here’s a sampling of the pretty collage papers I made.

Now, to show you how I put some of those pretty, gel-plate, collage, papers to use.  I started by painting a strip of some Cotton Candy paint from Art Anthology down one side of my 12” x 12” ‘canvas’.

I stamped the Romantic Background Stamp a few times on a piece of white sketch paper.

I free-hand cut quite a few scallops out of the stamped images.   
I made these various sizes, heights and widths to give my layout a whimsy look.

Next, I simply applied the scallops along one edge of my layout, 
next to my painted pink strip, using Liquitex Matte Medium.

With some coordinating collage papers I had just made 
I made a few layered, free-hand drawn and cut flowers.
1.        Cut three large circles out.
2.       Adhere a circle on another collage paper.
3.       Draw petals once then twice over the same petals to continue the whimsy look.
4.       Cut around petals.

I hand-drew the title of my page, #Pet and stamped Sin City’s stamp Love next to that.  
 I use that ‘hashtag’ when posting pictures of my pets on Instagram.

I’m pretty sure this ‘hello’ flair is from Recollections.

The scallops at the top were painted on with Limeade Dimensional Paint from Art Anthology.  
 I outlined them with a Scarlet Lime pen with works great when writing over paint.  
 I embellished the scallops with Queen’s Co Candy Stripers.

Be sure to use a permanent ink such as India ink when doodling 
so that the ink does not bleed when applying flowers or anything with matte medium.

This pretty pink bow is from Freckled Fawn.  I believe the enamel dots are from My Minds Eye.

And, here, is my completed layout featuring the loves of my life, Tootsie, Harley and Roxy….ha-ha!

Until next time…

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