Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Wave "Batik" Mixed Media Canvas: Part 1

I love that inspiration for projects can come from many sources.  This particular idea flashed into my mind after I saw a fellow design team member's post on drizzling the ComposiMold (www.composimold.com) over a tube to create a stamp of sorts.  Hmmmm, why couldn't I do the same type thing only drizzle it over a canvas and layer colors??  Well of course I had to try and this is a record of my steps.

First I took a blank canvas (mine is a blank canvas panel from Michael's, but any canvas should work the same) and placed it onto newspaper on my worksurface.  I melted the ComposiMold according to the directions.  Once melted, I drizzled a few spirals onto my canvas and then waited for it to firm (it doesn't take too long).

I pulled out the Pan Pastel Magenta and a Softit sponge (www.frogdogstudio.com) and went to work "painting" the open areas of my canvas.  The ComposiMold bonded with the canvas so I was able to rub color right up next to the spirals without color going underneath.  I did discover in some of the thinner areas NOT to rub too hard as it came up easily in those areas. 
A little bit of the Pan Pastel goes a long way, so don't use too much.  I found that rubbing the sponge across and then tapping the excess onto the canvas worked best.  I was able to spread the pastels easily without a chalky mess.  Once the canvas was completely covered I re-melted the ComposiMold  and drizzled a zig zag design onto the canvas.  Again, wait until it forms up before gong in with the pastels or paints.  This time I think I will sponge paint over the top....hmmm, should be interesting.
Not quite what I was expecting, but may be okay.  Turns out the Pan Pastel works as a resist to the paint...guess I should have figured that one out in advance (duh!).  Onward with the experiment and a couple more layers.  Once again melt the ComposiMold and drizzle it into some of the untouched areas.  I attempted dots this time, but control of the spoon and gel is a little difficult (the gel has a mind of its own).
WARNING:  Resist all urges to peel up the gel layers to peek underneath!!  If you do then progressive colors may wipe out the colors you have "masked". 
Once set, I took my ink pad and tapped it all over the canvas trying to get it into the nooks & crannies without overpowering the colors that may have come before. 
With this step finished,

I couldn't stand it any longer....what does it look like underneath AND (the bigger question) did it work or would all of the layers peel up with the ComposiMold??  Slowly I began to remove the dots, little by little the colors underneath were revealed.  Now to start pulling spirals and squiggles...it all worked!!  WooHoo...so nice when the picture in your head actually works out in reality :-)
The paint left some rough edges that I was able to soften by rubbing lightly over the canvas with a fingertip (back & forth and up & down). 
I kind of wish I had colored the white canvas in some way before starting.  The only part that I am not thrilled with are the white areas :-/  Good thing that everything is improved with a little embellishment. 

Watch for Part 2: The transformation & completion  
Coming soon (April 2)

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