Thursday, June 20, 2024

Dream, Inspire, Grow

Hi there, crafting friends!

It’s design team member Walter back on the blog with you today.  My first card for June was all about self love and doing what is good for your soul.  Today's project is along the same thought and features the words: DREAM, INSPIRE, and GROW.  An important reminder for everyone that we are never too old to dream, incapable of inspiring, or without the ability to grow. It has a pop art style and is a little funky.  I hope that you like it!

Here's what I used to make it:

 Here's how I made it:

  • Blended blocks from the stencil onto the card panel in an alternating pattern with the oxide inks; stamped circular patterns down the left & right hand sides with black ink.
  • Stamped the art doll and sentiments onto a scrap piece of paper from the Steampunk Romance kit.
  • Colored the art doll with alcohol markers, glitter gel pens, and metallic gel pens.
  • Adhered doll and sentiments to card with double sided foam tape.
  • Spritzed the card panel with some tea stain spray to add some grunge.
  • Adhered the panel to the card base and glued on three rhinestone gems.

You may read more about my creative process on my blog.

Thank you for spending some time here with me today.  See you again soon!

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Sunday, June 16, 2024

ATC with masterboard

Sue here with ATC's.

ATC are artist trading cards that are 3 1/2" x 2 1/2". 
Basically they are trading little works of art.  A masterboard is a full sheet of cardstock that is stamped, then cut up to create the ATC.

Go to my blog here to get more info on ATC's, and a cutting template.

stamps/products used:
stamps/supplies used:
Blank Page Muse 
World map rubber stamp
Vintage postcard rubber stamp
Unicorn dreams clear stamp set by Donna Gray
Cyan paper pad by Pam Bray

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back again soon.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Whimsical Mr G

 I thought this was the cutest Giraffe, Mr. Whimsical G. Today I created two cards with darling Mr. Whimsical G. 

Stamp & Stencil used from Blank Page muse
Mr. G Whimsical Giraffe with Wings
Clouds & Drops 5x5 inch Mixed Media Stencil 

Visit my Blog HERE for a detailed tutorial!

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Monday, June 10, 2024

Rainbow Soul


Hi there, crafting friends!

It’s design team member Walter back on the blog with you today. Today's project isn't my usual type of creation.  I make a lot of vintage and traditional style cards and I decided to push my boundaries with this one.  I chose to make a pop art styled card that celebrates individuality and loving yourself.  I called it Rainbow Soul since the eyes are the window to your soul.

Here's what I used to make it:

Here's how I made it:

  • Stamped the eye onto the white card panel with black ink; also stamped it onto making paper to create a mask.
  • Applied mask to eye; splattered Brutus Monroe Creamy Aqua Pigments around the eye and dried with a heat tool.
  • Removed the mask and colored the pupil with the glitter gel pens in a rainbow pattern; lightly blended Lost Shadow oxide ink over the image to soften the colors.
  • Stamped the sentiment with embossing ink, applied black embossing powder, and heat set it.
  • Adhered card panel to center of black card panel.
  • Adhered combined card panel to card base.
  • Applied three rhinestone gems with craft glue.


It's a simple but fun card with a really beautiful message.  Let's celebrate it every day!

You may read more about my creative process on my blog.

Thank you for spending some time here with me today.  See you again soon!

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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Playing With Embossing Paste

Hello! Welcome back to the BPM blog. So glad you are here. Today's project took some effort for me to put together. It must be the hustle bustle of life that drained most of my energy. What I do when this happens to me is look at my supplies and see if something will tickle my fancy. If there is still none, I search the web to get some ideas. How about you? How do you pull yourself out of a creative slump?

Back to the project, I am using the Blank Page Muse products below:

The stencil's size is 3" x 8". I want to capture all of the circle patterns so I cut a white cardstock using the same dimensions as the stencil. I applied white embossing paste over the stencil making sure that I apply an even coating of the paste over the stencil. I gently lifted the stencil and set aside the panel to dry. I cleaned the stencil right away using warm, soapy water. Before, I would use a brush to clean the stencil but sometimes it the brush messes up the stencil. Rubbing the stencil in between your hands like you are washing your hands seem to work in cleaning the stencil. 

Once the embossing paste is dry, I sprayed the panel with different colors of spray and stain, following the order of the rainbow. I set this aside to dry. You can also heat set it to speed up the drying.

I did a second layer of embossing paste but this time, I offset the stencil to create a shadow of circles. I added embossing glitter powder to the embossing paste while it has not dried. Once the embossing paste has dried, I heated the embossing glitter powder.

I stamped the image on white cardstock using a water friendly black ink. I painted the image using the same colors I used on the panel. 

I stamped the sentiment on vellum. I trimmed the words apart so I can scatter the words on the panel making sure that the order of the words is still correct.

I hope you like today's project. Please visit my blog, Maria Giselle's Creative Cuts, for more details. 

Find more inspiration by visiting the following blogs:

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Have a blessed, brilliant and creative day!

Friday, June 7, 2024

Kindness Changes Everything

Good day, fellow crafters. It's Tamara once again, with a new post where I am going be showcasing my latest card created using I Brake for Stamps and Blank Page Muse products! 

Koi fish are renowned for their vibrant colors and graceful movements, making them symbols of beauty and serenity in many cultures. Their scales display a dazzling array of colors, from shimmering golds and fiery reds to cool blues and tranquil whites, each with intricate patterns that captivate the eye. Incorporating a koi fish stamp into a greeting card layout brings this natural elegance to your design. The koi's flowing lines and dynamic shapes create a sense of movement and tranquility, making the card both visually stunning and emotionally soothing. Whether you use vivid inks to replicate the koi's natural splendor or more subdued tones for a minimalist effect, a koi fish stamp transforms any card into a work of art that conveys grace and harmony.

To create this project, you will need the following:

 I Brake for Stamps Koi Fish

 Blank Page Muse  Kindness Changes Everything words


 Black ink pad

 Cardstock – black

 Card base - white

 liquid glue

 paper trimmer

 watercolor paper

 Blue Raspberry kool-aid

 Watercolor pigments

 Liquid glue

 Paper trimmer

 Tub or tray for the kool-aid

 Paint brushes

 Cup of water for cleaning paint brushes

To craft your card, start by creating the background panel as this is the most time-consuming portion. First, mix the Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid per the package instructions minus the sugar in a tub or tray. Once incorporated fully, place a sheet of watercolor paper into the prepared liquid. Allow the paper to set for a full 24 hours to absorb the color and then allow it to dry fully naturally. A heat gun can be used to speed up the process but the color doesn’t seem to look as nice in the final product.

The next stage is to stamp your focal images. With black ink and using random placements, stamp multiple images of the Koi fish onto the background panel. The placements can even be offset if you wish as done in my card. The number of fish stamped is also totally up to your imagination.

Following the stamping of the images comes the addition of the color. For this project watercolors are suggested, however other media such as a quality colored pencil or an alcohol marker may be to your liking. The best technique to employ with the water coloring pigments is to wet small areas of the image at a time with water, and then drop small amounts of watercolor pigments into the wet area. Then slowly brush the pigment into the areas where color is wanted. If the color is to heavy, use a paper towel to dab up the excess. This technique allows you to slowly build up color and results in a better finish. Once the color addition is complete allow the paper to dry completely.

The next stage is assembly. Using a paper trimmer, trim your background panel to its final dimensions and then with slightly larger dimensions cut the black cardstock down for a mat. In the example, I chose to have those dimensions be large enough to cover the entirety of the front of my A2 card base. Next, using liquid glue, adhere the background panel and the mat together and then with more glue adhere the composite to the white card base.

Lastly, using black ink and the Kindness Changes Everything word stamp, ink and stamp the sentiment onto the card. With that, your card is complete.

The stamps I used can be found by following the links in the materials list or you can find them with a quick search on and

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Monday, June 3, 2024

Have a Wonderful Day

 Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today.

Today I am using some amazing products from Blank Page Muse and I Brake for Stamps.

Blank Page Muse Stamps:  Special Day Clear Stamp Set
Blank Page Muse Paper:  Cyan Consortium
I Brake for Stamps:  Easter Full Sheet

Easter eggs aren't just for Easter are they?  Think of this cute couple going on a well deserved picnic!  Add assorted die cuts and a sweet phrase.  

Details can be found on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by.


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Save 15% of your Blank Page Muse orders with discount code:  BPMSteph

Friday, May 31, 2024

Stenciled Grateful Heart Card

 HELLO!   Today I am excited to share this stenciled card I created using the super cute and fun Blank Page Muse Clara & Dream Big Art Rubber Stamps designed by Magda Polakow.  As a bird momma myself I love  stamps with birdies!   and this one is adorable.  And she looks so cute on this slimline card! 

Supplies needed: 

Create your slimline card by cutting your white cardstock to 8.5 inches x 7 inches.  Score your card at 3.5 inches (on the 7 inch side).  These slimline card will fit into regular business sized envelopes. 

Cut your coordinating cardstock slightly smaller than your card base front. 

Use distress ink to ink your Hearts Stencil .  Move your stencil to ink your entire cardstock. 

Just look at how the red ink pops off the pink cardstock!  

Adhere the stenciled background onto your card base. 

Stamp your Clara  onto white cardstock. 

Color your image as desired. 

Add your stamped image to your card .
Finish off with your favorite sentiment stickers. 

I hope you are inspired to get creative with your stamps and papers from Blank Page Muse and I Brake For Stamps.  Don't forget to use my discount code BPMChris. 


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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Christmas Bookmarks

Sue here with Christmas in May.  Do you think this will catch on? 

Oh, well I just wanted to get a little head start on small gifts for the holiday season. 

 I made a 5"x7" card with a pocket to hold a holiday theme bookmark.  


Here is a slimline card with a bookmark.  The cards are simple, but the bookmarks have lots of gold to make them shine.
See lots more on my blog

stamps used:
Blank Page Muse Beyond the border Christmas set 1
Blank Page Muse Steampunk Christmas rubber stamp set

                Thanks for stopping by.  Come back again soon.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Warm Sun and Gentle Breezes

Good day, fellow crafters. it's Tamara once again, with a new post where I am

going be showcasing my latest card created using Blank Page Muse products! 

As soon as I saw the sets I am showcasing today, I thought of someone special

who loves sunflowers, butterflies, and the color yellow. I ordered them right

away and added them to my craft stash. This card is beautiful yet simple to

make, so let's get started.

You will need the following:

 Blank Page Muse

 Butterfly Breezes

 Blank Page Muse

Blocks Pattern Stencil

 Black ink pad

 Yellow ink pad

 Cardstock –white and yellow

 liquid glue

 masking

 paper trimmer

To craft your card, start by selecting a background panel. You can use one you’ve previously

created or make a new one based on your preference. For this project, the

chosen panel features light pink and various shades of yellow. This panel will

serve as the basis for your stamped images, so choose colors that appeal to


Next, use black ink and the Butterfly Breezes stamps to stamp the images onto

the panel in the colored area of your choice. You can either let the natural

color of the background panel stand out or add additional coloring to the

images. Once stamped, or stamped and colored, fussy cut the stamped images

and set them aside for later.

For the background panel, you will need a piece of white cardstock, the 

 Blank Page Muse Blocks Stencil, and some masking tape. Because the stencil

is smaller than an A2 card, masking is necessary. First, secure the white

cardstock to your work surface and then secure the stencil in place. Mask off

the area where you don’t want ink, and use yellow ink and an ink blending

brush to apply the color. Once completed, remove the stencil, realign it on the

opposite side of the panel, secure it, mask, and ink blend this side of the panel.

Allow it to dry fully.

The last stage is to assemble the card. Using a paper trimmer, cut the inked

background panel to its final dimensions. Trim a piece of yellow cardstock

slightly larger than the finished background panel to create a mat. Once both

sheets are to size, use liquid glue to adhere the background panel to the mat,

then adhere the composite to a white card base. Once dry, orient and adhere

your sunflower and butterflies to the panel. Finally, using the sentiment from

the Butterfly Breezes stamp set and black ink, orient and stamp the sentiment.

With that, your card is complete.

The stamps I used can be found by following the links in the materials list or

you can find them with a quick search on

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