Monday, January 21, 2019

Galaxy Shaker Party Decoration

Hi BPM Friends,
Karen here to share my galaxy shaker decoration for my four year old nephew. 
Since he is going to have a rocket and space themed birthday party, 
I was motivated to make a galaxy card. 
I found more inspiration when I saw the packaging that contained a large wooden #4.
 I used the molded clear plastic packaging to become a large shaker to hold sequins, glitter, stars, and beads. 
 Let's take off!

BPM Supplies:
Hearty Doodles Art Rubber Stamp Set
Moon Small Round Line Art Face
Raindrops Waterdrops Rubber Stamp Sheet Set
Phoebe Art Doll Rubber Stamp Sheet designed by Jayne Alexander
Concentric Circles Line Art by Cathy Frailey

Other Supplies:
    • cardboard or canvas
    • foam brush and toothbrush
    • acrylic paint (black, blue, lilac, red, white)
    • metallic paint (blue, purple, gold, silver)
    • paper towels & kitchen sponge
    • clear mounting block
    • alphabet stickers
    • sequins, glitter, stars, & beads
    • liquid adhesive

    1. Apply a thin coat of black acrylic paint to the baseboard using a foam brush. Irregular brush strokes are preferred as they create the appearance of movement.

    2. For the second coat of paint, use a scrunched up paper towel to apply black, blue, & lilac using a dabbing motion. Work with small quantities of paint in small sections to blend.

    3. Next, use red & blue paint to mix a dark purple and apply it sparingly using a sponge.

    4. To create lighter areas with a cloud like appearance, apply pin points of white paint using a toothpick and gently blend with a slightly damp sponge.

    5. Use a sponge brush to lightly apply metallic paint to select areas of the water droplet stamp.   Stamp the design and repeat the process in three separate areas of the space scene.

    6. Next, apply metallic paint to the hexagon background stamp to add random texture.

    7. Continue using small pattern designs and randomly stamping them to the background to create irregular textures. Extend some stamped images over the edge of the paper. Try not to cover the entire painted background completely. Create contrast by leaving some open areas of solid color (from the 2nd/3rd layer of paint) exposed.

    8. Use various size bubble stamps to create planets in the scene with metallic paint.

    9. Next, use silver paint to randomly stamp clusters of stars.

    10. Finally, create the splattering of stars by diluting some white acrylic paint with 50% water. Dip the handle of a thin paint brush into the diluted paint, hold it vertically over the canvas, and tap it with the other hand. Lastly, use an old toothbrush to add a fine mist of specks of paint to create the galaxy of stars. Dip the toothbrush into the paint, remove excess paint. Then angle the toothbrush towards the canvas. Use your thumb to gently bend the bristles and then release the bristles starting at one end of the brush going along the whole head of the toothbrush to flick the paint.

    11. Use a pencil to lightly mark guidelines for where the plastic mold should be adhered and then set aside. Adhere the letter stickers to the canvas. Reposition the plastic mold following the guidelines. Then, attach a piece of black card stock to the center of the #4 and adhere the mid section to the canvas.
    12. Adhere four large yellow stars.  Next, carefully add the sequins and other small contents under the shaker and secure the edge with liquid adhesive. Set aside to thoroughly dry.

    Creating splashes varies greatly and requires a bit of practice if you are very particular about the size of splatter you want to create. Always practice before attempted a new technique on your final project. The thicker the paint is the more difficult it is to splatter. The first tap of a loaded brush will flick the largest splatters so try to keep
    minimal paint on the handle of the brush. The angel of the brush is also an important variable when flicking paint. Try to keep your hands moving constantly to avoid creating any predictable patterns when splattering. To avoid disappoint, always cover your work surface completely, as well as, your clothes to protect them from stray splatters. Alternatively, work outside on the lawn as a matter of convenience and ease of clean up.

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    1. This is awesome, Karen! I love all of the texture and detail.

    2. my oh my! I love all the amazing galaxy details and effects! The shaker decor is out of this world wonderful Karen!

    3. Oh wow! I love those stamps Karen! Look what an amazing creation you've made too!! I am floored by your creativity. Thank you for sharing


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