Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Handmade Birthday Card by Linda Hess

A friend of mine recently said that the only thing she would like for her birthday was a mailbox full of handmade cards, so that she would receive something besides bills.  Be careful what you wish for (hehe) to the studio I go!

First thing I pulled out was Creative PaperClay.  Those who know me realize that this is a "clay" outside my normal realm, but the time I spent on the Creative Paperclay design team was an eye opening experience into what can be done with this product.  For this project, it should be the perfect base for my card.  I conditioned a bit by squeezing it in my hands and then rolled it flat in my pasta machine.  (NOTE:  for those of you  who do not own a pasta machine for clay or might even use your pasta machine for...well, may roll the clay flat with a rolling pin or acrylic rod.  An even thickness can be obtained by rolling between 2 pieces of cardboard or a stack of playing get the idea)

Once rolled flat I placed the clay on a sheet of paper to work on the design.  In our box of goodies for this month we received a metal template (Ornare Vellum) from Ecstacy Crafts (  I placed it on top of the sheet of clay and then rolled over it with an acrylic roller to press the clay into the openings. 
Once I had the clay impressed with the template design I used an exacto knife to cut around the edges.
I opened the tiny pinholes in the template using a turkey lacer (NOTE: a beading pin or sewing needle will also work).  This will take some may have to give your hand a stretch every so often. 

I brushed over the other openings using Pearl Ex powders in multiple colors.

Then carefully, slowly I peeled the PaperClay away from the template.  At first it came away easily, but then I ran into a glitch.  I started peeling too quickly and of course the clay ripped :-(  They are pretty scraps, but not exactly what I want to send to a friend. 
Back to the drawing board.

This time I powdered the surface with cornstarch before repeating the above steps.  With luck the cornstarch acts as a release and the design peels easily away from the template.

Woohoo!  The template came up nice and clean.  Only "drawback" (if there is one) is that you need to hold the template in place as you go around cutting and detailing.  Otherwise the design will move.

After cutting and piercing, I brushed the surface lightly with rubbing alcohol before applying Pearl Ex powders.  During the process of powdering (with cornstarch) and then detailing, etc. Creative PaperClay will begin to dry out.  The addition of rubbing alcohol re-wets the surface and helps the Pearl Ex to adhere. 

Now to unveil....WHEW! 
Obviously I used a bit too much rubbing alcohol in the one corner, but it can be covered with embellishments :-)  Brush around the edges with rubbing alcohol to clean up any roughness.

The center is stamped with one of my favorite sayings using ColorBox archival ink in "Wicked Black".  Holes are opened slightly around center image using a turkey lacer.

From my stash of paper I found a soft pink.  It was stamped using the "Romantic Background" unmounted stamp from Sin City Stamps and VersaMark ink, sprinkled with Recollections "plum" embossing powder, and heat to set.  Then I cut out the image.


Roses are placed in corners to cover "boo-boos".  For now they are only placed.  Once the Creative Paperclay dries they will be glued in place using "The Ultimate" glue from Crafter's Pick (my favorite glue).

Being an impatient sort when it comes to projects, I placed the card in the oven and baked at 275 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.  This speeds the drying process, so that I can continue rather than wait (the little kid in me rearing her ugly head!).  (PLEASE NOTE:  Creative PaperClay will draw up and curl slightly if "forced" to dry.  A weight of some sort might be desired on top of the image will keep it flattened).

Now to finish the embellishments.  Looking at the rubber stamped images I realized that something else was needed....maybe a little dimension.  I pulled out the mold that I made a few projects ago ("New Wave "Batik" canvas: Pt 2 []) and a little bit of polymer clay.  I pressed clay into the mold, shaved off the excess, and unmolded the watch. 
Using an exacto knife I cut out the center of the fob as well as the center of the watch (opening it up).  I brushed it with Pearl ex powder and baked it at 275 degrees for 15 minutes.  Once cooled, the "Romantic Background" image is cut to fit inside and glued in.  Gives the illusion of painted picture in a frame, don't you think??  (Please use your imagination here)
A silver ribbon highlights the rubber stamped center.  (Note: I used a wired ribbon to ease the threading process). 

The watch is glued into place (over the boo-boo).  A tiny charm designates this card as "hand made" just as my friend requested :-)

Now to create an envelope....but that will be a demo for another day.  See you soon!

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