Sin City Stamps Occult In a Box: A Spooky Altered Matchbox

Hi all
I have a spooky "miniature" craft to share using Sin City Stamps!

  1. Skeletons Halloween art stamp set  
  2. Halloween Bingo Stamp Set 
  3. Wildflower stamp set  
  4. Large matchbox
  5. Gesso
  6. White card
  7. Black ink
  8. Orange chalk paint
  9. Crackle paint
  10. Orange paint
  11. Purple paint
  12. Walnut stain or dark to light brown inks.
  13. Assorted Halloween charms and beads.

Prime your matchbox with gesso before painting with orange chalk paint.
Add crackle paint and then paint over with orange paint.

Stamp the center and sides of the box with the filigree stamp from the Skeletons Halloween Set.

Stamp out the bottles and wildflowers onto white card. 
Color bottles with walnut stain or a cold tea bag. 
Trim the tentacles off the wildflowers and glue behind the bottles.

Paint inside orange and the drawer in purple. Glue a pumpkin bead on the front.

Fill drawer with spooky things.

The Ouija board is from a dolls house miniature. 
The tarot cards can be printed off here and the rest of the bits are made from beads.

Thank you for visiting.
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