Hello and thanks for visiting!  Today, I am sharing some cards I made using the "Terri Sproul's Leaves" stamp set from SinCity Stamps.

It's the time of year where we give thanks.  And giving really pretty leaf cards to the people we are thankful for is so nice!  

I started by stamping my leaves on watercolor paper and heat embossing them.  I cut the paper to 4"x5.25" so they would mat well on a card base.

Next, I wet the paper by spraying it with water.  Then, I used watercolors to add light mottled color to the stamped paper.  I also added really fine glitter to the watercolors so the leaves would sparkle a little. Aren't they soooo pretty??  That is why I heat embossed the leaves first, so they would have a perfect outline and wouldn't get ruined by the water.

EXTREME CLOSE UP!!  I wanted you to see the glitter and the shine from the heat embossing.  LOVE THIS!

To finish, I wrote 2 sentiments on the bottom.  I wrote Blessings in colored pencil and Thank You in pen.  The very last thing I did was splatter some spray ink on the cards. (just because I love splatter!)
Wouldn't you love to give these to the people you are thankful for this year?  You see I have 3 more stamped leaf images left to add to my collection of cards.  I will be making them tonight for sure!  I already know who I'm giving them to!

I hope you enjoy making something for the people you are thankful for!!


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