Sunday, March 22, 2015


If you didn't already know, Terri Sproul has a free art journal/canvas show every Tuesday night.  Check out her Facebook group All Things Terri Sproul to get all the details!  It is her birthday this week, so she isn't having a show.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRI!!!

This art journal page I made for SinCity Stamps was inspired by Terri's show last week.  The show was called "Organic Look".

Just as Terri showed on her show, I started by applying masking tape on my pages and covered them with Gesso.  The maksing tape gives the background the beginning of the "Organic Look" because it is irregular, like nature.

Because I didn't have large stamps for the flowers on my pages, I did some messy writing on the gesso, to take up space and write down something I wanted to remember.  I added India Ink to my Fineline Applicator and wrote on the page.

Then I painted over the writing with Halo Pink Gold and Pearl Turquoise.  I added glazing medium to the paints, painted them on and wiped them off with a baby wipe.  You really see the masking tape texture when you use glaze.

*sorry for the slight glare.  It's hard to not get a glare with metallic paints*

Like I said, I didn't have big stamps like Terri had, but I had a plan!  What if I took the tree branch from the "Hoot Owls" set and stamped it several times, making the look of a bush.  Then, I could turn the branch over and make some leaves and swirls at the bottom.  AND THEN, I could add the roses from the "Rosette Hearts" set and it could look like rose bushes!!  OH MY HECK!  This was going to be the most awesome thing I've ever made or the worst.  SO I just went all in, and got....

AWESOME!  I am so in love with this!  My vision is a total success!

I painted the flowers with Pearlescent Magenta and Metallic Gold in the centers.  WHAT?  Perfect! 

 But how to get that "Organic" look Terri talked about???  Flower Soft of course!!  I used Tombow Mono Multi Adhesive and a Fineline applicator to add glue, and sprinkled Flower Soft on top.

What do you get when the Flower Soft dries?  Awesome times 5million!!!

Here is a close up of my rose bushes with Flower Soft on the stems and leaves.   

Don't you just love when a project comes together like this?  I love when this happens.  You get an idea and that idea sort of takes over.  Like it has a mind of it's own.  I love the excitement and the slight fear you get at the same time.  But when it turns out better than you expected it is priceless!!

I hope you let the art take you on a journey of excitement today!  You will love the results!


  1. Awesome times 5 million!!! This is my new saying!! Love it!

  2. I love it, too, so... awesome times 5 million from me, too, Daniella. I love the masking tape background texture, too.

  3. I saw that technique from last week and you handled it wonderfully well.. I love everything you did here!! Happy Birthday Terri!!!


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