Stamped Fabric Bird

Today we are sharing with you another project from our archives 
That was created by a Guest Designer: Karen Lackey 
Here she created a vintage inspired stamped fabric bird! 

Supplies needed:
  1. Small Steampunk Bird- Rubber Stamp
  2. Tea dyed cotton muslin
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Brown stamping ink
  5. Hot Iron
  6. Polyester fiberfill 

Stamp the bird on doubled tea dyed muslin with a brown ink pad.Heat set the design with a hot iron.

Turn the fabric so the right sides are together. Using a small stitch, sew a  ¼" seam around the bird.

Cut around the bird and cut a small slit in the backside.

Turn the piece right side out, pulling the fabric through the slit.  Use a dowel or knitting needle or the end of a paintbrush to push out the points, taking care not to poke through. It helps to have a slim but blunt end on the tool you use.

For a small piece like this, you want to pull out small tufts of the fiberfill and use your tool to help you get it through the slit. Fill the far corners first. Then compress it by pushing with your tool.  Some brands of fiberfill come with a little wooden tool that really helps. If you are using a knitting needle, using the back end can help here. Just don’t stuff it so full that you can’t pull the fabric together at the slit.
When you’re happy with how it looks, stitch the slit together with thread that matches your fabric.

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