Friday, July 17, 2015

Colorful, BIG and BOLD BLOOMS with Tamiko

Hey Heyyy it's FRIDAY!!  I hope your week has been a productive one.  If not, tomorrow is another day.  Seems like my week is just beginning, (smiles) I've been in a bit of a funk, but no matter what's going on in life.. someone else is always going through something more or different that can bring them bring them down.  While everyone may not wear emotions on their sleeve or ask for help when they need it.  It is times like this, when something handmade like a card can lift anyone's spirits.

Have you ever seen a stamp and what you wanted to do more than anything is have it in your hands? How many times have you seen a stamp and you had to have it.. you've missed sale after sale putting it off.  Somethings are just worth investing in. Rubber stamps is just one of those things.. (giggles.. for me anyway) I finally got Daniella Hayes's Stampset called BIG BOLD BLOSSOMS.  This is just a few  cards I made with it.  Very well named if you ask me.

Ok let's get started making these!  I began with a sheet of mixed media paper 6x8inches.  I first covered the entire page with Deco Arts Media Gesso, then their Americana Neon Acrylics.  I love it bright and neons do it for me, but as you see, there is very little evidence of a neon in the finished piece. 

Then I wanted to use the word stamps that came with the set. This set is perfect because as I stamped these words I felt a bit of empowerment.  To receive a handmade card always makes a person feel SPECIAL.  The time and efforts you take to create embodies you with a sense of PEACE. As you deliver your handmade BEAUTY you in turn offer a bit of STRENGTH to the recipient.  Or you can interpret those words anyway that works for you, (smile) just my thoughts, Let me continue!

After some bubble wrap stampage, I found my page was still brighter then I wanted.  Then I did  a 1:1 ratio of water to gesso and did a wash over the whole page to tone the neon down.  

Then I stamped one of the blooms.  I honestly though I might get a chance to use more, but they are HUGE!!! (chuckles)  I looove it!  Unfortunately, I did get a picture of my stamping the image. I was in a zone!  Once I stamped the image, I cut the page in half.  Looks like it will be two cards.  I began to add another layer of color to my card with Neocolor II, Not to be confused with just the term Neocolors.  Neocolor IIs are water soluble.  I used  water brush to activate and move the color around.  See how the neocolors are not opaque, so the underwriting and some colors will peek through the colors.  I love that!

Once I got done adding color to the outside of my flower, I decided I wanted the bloom itself to pop more.  First I tried the black neocolor and then I decided I like the stabilo all pencil in black instead.  Once I went over it with my water brush again the black line thickened and popped the bloom right off the page for me.

the left was done with the necolor II, the right was done with the stabilo.
I liked the stabilo more, so Iwent over BOTH flowers with it.  

Then I added my white stabilo to the flower.  Again not opaque and I wasn't expecting it to be.

Then I wanted to tie the white into the card.  I added a lil gesso stamping on a textured piece of a table mat.   Yes I did! Wanna see?

Pleased with how it evolved, I still added some black pen doodles to the white stenciled goodness.   Thinking I am almost done by the way it looked, I pulled out my old trusty black gelato.  The gelato is my personal go to give that framed edge look to.  I just rubbed it around the edges and used my finger to move/buff it a bit.

I really did have fun using this BIG BOLD BLOSSOMS  by Daniella Hayes and I look forward to creating more with the three other HUGE flowers in the set.  Ha it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and my family may get a box of handmade cards from me.  Great idea  I think!  Please stop by the Sin City Stamps Online site and grab some goodies!!! Thank you for coming by and let's have a GREAT WEEKEND!!  


  1. LOVELY and I really liked the color blocking of the background!

  2. Oooooh I love this, Tamiko. Fabulous background for the beautiful blossom.

  3. Tamiko you really took the flowers to the next level!! I love everything about this! Such amazing work! Thank you so much for using my stamps!!

  4. Stunning!!! This came together pefectly!

  5. Stunning!!! This came together pefectly!

  6. I love those big bold flowers they look awesome on your finished card. The way you did your background really gave them a lovely spot to sit and be admired.


  8. Love your flowers! Very nice. Wish I could read the instructions but this font drives me nuts. I really wish they would change it to be more friendly for viewers.

  9. love these stamps! they need to find there way to my house

  10. Oh My Goodness, that is beautiful!! I love that stamp.


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